The Islamic University of Madinah's Acceptance Lists Of Successful Applicants

10- September -2014 New names added to the 2014/15 List

On the 4th of August 2014 the new list of successful applicants to the Islamic University of Madinah was published, since then there have been three loads of names added to the list, the latest load being 10 of September.

There may still be more names to be added to the list, but Allah knows best.

Names are displayed under the country you hold a nationality for, not necessarily the country you live in. For Example a Somali who has a Norwegian passport but lives in UK should look for his name under Norway.

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More Names Still To Come For 2013/14


We spoke with one of our contacts in The Islamic University’s Admissions Department and he informed us that there are still more names of accepted student for 2013/14 to come back from the Saudi Ministries in the capital. When the ministries send the names back to the University they will anounce the names (they will be put on this website). It is more than likely that these brothers will be expected to start classes in September 2014.

The first list was be published in December but the second list has been coming out in ‘drips and drabs’.

This huge delay in accepted students names is something unprecedented and we have never seen a delay like this before, but Alhamdulillah there is still hope for those who applied between March 2012 and February 2013.

More names of Successful Applicants have be announced

The Deanship of Admission of the Islamic University of Madinah has added additional names to the lists of certain countries (see here). Two new names have been added to the British list. It has not been confirmed if any other names will be added, but it is hoped there will be, Inshaallah.

The First List Has Been Published


The first list of accepted foreign students was just made public. Inshaallah a second list will come out soon, so do not despair if you don’t see your name. As mentioned on the last post a first list had come back to the Admissions department and the only way to check if you where on it would be to entre you application number, so this is that list. The Visas and tickets will be available soon.

To see the UK list click here:

To see the First lists for other countries click here:

If you see you name click on the detail tab beside your name, if it is not working do not worry it should come online properly soon. You will find an acceptance letter and information of how to get your Visa and free plane ticket to Madinah.

Finally Some Good News

Some brothers have been receiving the following message when checking the status of their application onine:

Congratulations! You have been granted admission to study at the Islamic University.

We went to the Islamic University this morning and spoke with the brother in charge of the admissions website and he verified that if you get this message then you have been accepted into the Islamic University.

He explained that the University requested that the ministries in the capital accept 2500 new students, and he said 1000 names have come back so far and hopes that the remaining 1500 names will come out next week.

So, to check if your are from this 1000 successful applicants go to the University’s admissions website and check your application’s status (link).

If you get the message ‘Congratulations! You have been granted admission to study at the Islamic University’, your have been successful.

If you get the message ‘Your Application is under consideration' there is still hope that you will be from the remaining 1500 new students.

If you get the message ‘The period for amending your application has not yet expired, you can still modify your application if needed’, then sadly your application has not yet been considered for application, so you won’t be accepted this year, for possible reasons for this click here.

If you applied online after February 2013 you application will be for 2014/15 not this year. If you applied before February 2012 it is unlikely you will be accepted and it is advised you submit a new application before January 2014.

If you have been accepted you will receive further information on the application status page in the near future.

Please remember to be patient and make dua for your fellow applicants.

Latest Update on The 2013/14 Acceptance List

We visited the admissions department of the Islamic University again to enquire about the 2013/14 acceptance list. Sadly little has changed, the university is still waiting for the Ministries in Riyadh to send them back the final list so they can publish it officially.

However the list of resident card holders was announce a month ago, the list of the new Gulf students came out about two weeks ago, and a small portion of the 2013/14 foreign students was sent back from the ministries a couple of days ago (we do not have access to this list). Hopefully Inshaallah the full acceptance list of International students will be released soon, when it is it will be published on this page.

When the list of new international students is sent back to the university it will need about a week to prepare the list along with the visas and tickets before publish it. We have asked one of our contacts in the administration to inform us when the list returns from the ministries.

A false rumor
Some people are spreading a rumor that there will be no acceptance list for 2013/14 and that the next intake will be for 2014/15, we asked the administration about this and they told us that is untrue.

Update on The 2013/14 Acceptance List to The Islamic University of Madinah

Sometime ago we contacted the webmaster of the admissions site ( and we were just informed that the acceptance list will not come out that soon.

The university selected the students they want to accept in the spring, they then sent the list to the governmental ministries in Riyadh to agree to the acceptance of the candidates, this process generally take several months due to large amount of candidates. Once they finish the processing they will send the final list back to the University and it will announce the list and start processing the visas and tickets.

Currently the list is still being verified in the ministries, and how long they will take to reply to the University is unknown. The webmaster of the site stated that the list may not be published for a month or longer than that.

Please note that we can not find out if your name was on the list that as sent to the ministries in the spring.

Please continue to make dua for your brothers and yourself. This is your first lesson as a student of knowledge: patience.