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2020 British Acceptance List of The Islamic University of Madinah



The Islamic University has publish their 2020 acceptance lists, Alhamdulillah. Below is the list of 43 newly accepted British nationals.


If you see your name please click here and fill in the form so students can help you. If your name is not on the list please do not fill in the form.

More names may be added, and Allah knows best




1. Omar Aswat عمر أصوات

2. Bilal Idris Aiem بلال ادريس ايم

3. Hamze Mohamed Mahamud حمزة محمد محمود

4. Mojtaba Habibi مجتبى حبيبي

5. Mohamed Ayub El Amrani محمد أيوب العمراني

6. Hamzah Zaman حمزة زمان

7. Saad Uddin سعد الدين

8. Muhammed Shafiyee محمد شافعي

9. Okasha Haseeb Ahmed عكاشة حسيب أحمد

10. Nasir Hussein Muse ناصر حسين موسى

11. Saiyed Mahmud سعيد محمود

12. Husnain Arrsal Iqbal حسنين أرسال إقبال

13. Rufai Mohamed Munye رفاع محمد مني

14. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh محمد أحمد صالح

15. Abdullah Abdul Wahd Alam عبدالله عبدالواحد علام

16. Taffari Warren Thomas تفاري ورون طوماس

17. Mohammed Talha Sheraz محمد طلحة شيراز

18. Muhammad Abdul Kahhar محمد عبدالقهار

19. Adam Rameh آدم الرميح

20. Zakariyya Nibari زكريا نباري

21. Kieran Rushsun Douglas Hutchinson كيران روشاون دوغلاس هاتشينسون

22. Junaid Hussain جنيد حسين

23. Isak Ibrahim Haji إسحاق إبراهيم حجي

24. Yahya Mohamed Govalia يحيى محمد غوفاليا

25. Eesa Mustafa مُصطفى عيسى

26. Muhammad Vaez محمد واعظ

27. Omar Abdul Jeylani عمر عبدل جيلاني

28. Gervaze Wayne Tucker جرفيس واين تكر

29. Muhammad Yusuf Motala محمد يوسف متالا

30. Abdur Rahman Sayfullah Khan عبد الرحمن سيف الله خان

31. Alwaeq Choudhury الواثق جودري

32. Hudhaifah Sidat حذيفة سيدات

33. Mohammed Tanjum Khan محمد تنجوم خان

34. Habibur Rahman Ali حبيب الرحمن علي

35. Qasim Maskeen قاسم مسكين

36. Ali Idrees علي‎ إدريس

37. Mohammed Imdadur Rahman محمد إمداد الرحمن

38. Nasim Mahmud Chowdhury نسيم محمود شودري

39. Zakariya Mghati زكريا المغاتي

40. Motiur Rahman مطيع الرحمن

41. Mohammed Imtiaz Farooque محمد امتياز فاروق

42. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Hasan أبو عبد الله محمد حسن

43. Ibrahim Rashid إبراهيم رشيد




Names will be listed under their nationality, for example: a Somali brother with a Norwegian  passport

living in UK should look under Norway.


If you are a Brit or live in the UK and your have been accepted please click here to get in contact with the site admin and the current British students so we can help and advise you what you need to do next Inshaallah.


If you see you name and want to know what to do next click here. Select your country's name. Once the list shows look for your names and click on the 'Details' tab beside your name, then on the next page enter your application number. If it is not working do not worry it should come online properly soon.  You will find an acceptance letter and information of how to get your Visa and free plane ticket to Madinah. The acceptance letter, ticket and visa numbers may not be available yet, please have patience and check back on your Details link regularly.








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