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2016/17 British Acceptance List of The Islamic University of Madinah

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Alhamdulillah the Islamic University of Madinah has started to publish names of newly accepted students from different countries. Below are the names of 36 Brits who have been accepted. New names were added on the 6th and 7th of March 2017. More names may still be added, and Allah knows best.


Even though it is 2017 these names are of those brothers who applied for the accademic year 2015/16. The 2016/17 list is still to come out.



Additional Names added to The New British List:



1.Abdul Rahman Rafiq Patel                      عبد الرحمن رفيق باتيل

2.Ahmed Gobdon                                                أحمد جوبدون

3.Akeem Luquan Davis                                              أكيم لوان ديفيس

4.Aliyu Adamu Kiyawa                                           علي آدم كياوا

5.Ahmad Ali                                                                  أحمد علي

6.Abdul Rasheed Sadiq                                       عبدالرشيد صادق

7.Aadil Shamoon Anwar                                            عادل شمون انور



8.Jawad Ali Shah                                                جواد علي شاه

9.Muhammad Hamza Reddy                           محمد حمزة ريدي

10.River Coffey                                                                ريڤار كوفي

11.Maheen Sahe Al Imran                                    ماحين ساه عمران

12.Liban Omar                                                                 ليبان عمر

13.Omar Anwar Mohamed                                       عمر أنور محمد

14.Muhammad Ibrahim                                          محمد إبراهيم

15.Mohammad Muaawiyah                                          محمد معاويه

16.Said Ali Hassan                                                 سعيد علي حسن





New British List (09/Jan/2017):


1.Muhammed Shaiyer Sultan                         محمد شاعر سلطان

2.Edris Rezazadeh                                                  إدريس رزاظادة

3.Rosul Uddin                                                       رسول الدين

4.Enes Ongoren                                                            أنس انكوران

5.Saim Ahmed                                                         صائم احمد

6.Mohammed Madni Gani                                        محمد مدني غني

7.Asad Ali Abid                                                    اسد على عابد

8.Abu Obaid Muhammed Fuzail Ahmed      أبو عبيد محمد فضيل أحمد

9.Hamzah Wazir Akhtar                                        حمزة وزير أختار

10.Hersi Abdirahman Khadar                    حرسي عبد الرحمن خضر

11.Khalid Mohamed Ali                                          خالد محمد علي

12.Taylor Frances Clancy                                   تيلر فرنسيس كلنسي

13.Thauban Ahmed                                                        ثوبان أحمد

14.Nihad Kljucanin                                                      نهاد كلوشنين

15.Hassan Bilal Butt                                                      حسن بلال بت

16.Tinotenda Allan Mutyambizi                     تينوتيندا ألان موتياميبزي

17.Saif Etheridge                                                      سيف إيثاريدج

18.Adham Basheer                                                          أدهم بشير

19.Shehryar Sajid Mughal                                    شهريار ساجد موقل

20.Mohammad Abdul Rakib                              محمد عبد الرقيب




Names will be listed under their nationality, so a Somali with a Norwegian  passport living in UK should look under Norway.


The names above are of the successful British applicants to the Islamic University of Madinah. If your name is not on the list then do not despair, more names may be added.


If you are a Brit or live in the UK and your have been accepted please click here to get in contact with the site admin and the current British students so we can help and advise you what you need to do next Inshaallah.


If you see you name and want to know what to do next click here. Select your country's name. Once the list shows look for your names and click on the 'Details' tab beside your name, then on the next page enter your application number. If it is not working do not worry it should come online properly soon.  You will find an acceptance letter and information of how to get your Visa and free plane ticket to Madinah. The ticket and visa numbers may not be available yet, please have patience and check back on your Details link regularly.



Disclaimer: and its admin, have no say as to whom is accepted. is simply displaying copies of official lists from the Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manawarah. does not endorse or support any ill or deviant actions/views that may be held by individuals mentioned on these lists.

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