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How To Apply To The Islamic University of Madinah

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If you wish to apply to the Islamic University of Madinah the only way you can apply is by completing an online application on the University’s Admissions Department website.  In the past applications could be submitted in paper form, however the University no longer accepts paper applications.


Currently only brother can apply but a sister College will be opening soon Inshaallah.







Advisory Steps for Applying to The Islamic University of Madinah:


1.Decide whether you truly want to study, most westerners will have to dedicate  6 or more years of their youth in order to graduate.


2.Pray salatul-Istikharah.


3.Look through the first few pages of the online application without starting an actual application.


4.Get all the documents together that are required (click here to see the list of required paperwork).


5.Get two good references and a testimony of conduct.


6.Scan all your paperwork and save them as image files (not PDFs) and make sure they are smaller than 1MB each.


7.Get all the document translated into Arabic. The University states on its official application: 'The applicant must attach the Arabic translation of any document written in other than the Arabic language'. MadinahStudent.co.uk offers a translation service MadinahTranslation.com that specifically caters for those applying to the Islamic University of Madinah. To learn more about the service, or to request a free no obligations quote, please visit our site here.


8.Once you have all the required paperwork and their translations in your possession go to the online application webpage, start in the name of Allah and begin your application.


9. Make sure you complete the application fully within 10 days. You will be given an Application Reference number, make sure you save it and make multiple copies of it.


 You will have 10 days to amend and check your application, after that your application should be sealed and be put forward to the University’s acceptance board for concideration Inshaallah.  If you do not complete your application or upload the required paperwork & their translations, your application will remain open until it is completed.  Many brothers started their applications last year long before the cut off date, however they never completed their applications so they are still open and were not sent to the acceptance board for consideration.


10.  If you are able, go to the University itself in Madinah for an interview. An interview is not obligatory but it will make your application considerably stronger (for more information see the Applicants Noticeboard).


MadinahStudent.co.uk has been offering a Application Check & Edit service for those who have wish to have their online application evaluated, corrected and improved. In the many years of offering the service, we have never seen an application that did not have mistakes. If you would like to inquire about using the service please click here.