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If you wish to apply to the Islamic University of Madinah the only way you can apply is by completing an online application on the University’s Admissions Department website.  In the past applications could be submitted in paper form, however the University no longer accepts paper applications. In the summer of 2021 the university launched a new application website where the form is filled in: The old online application website is no longer used for applying.


Last year (2021) the online application was open from the beginning of September till the beginning of December. The new application in 2022 for a August 2023, is likely to open in August 2022, and Allah knows best.





10 Advisory Steps for Applying to The Islamic University of Madinah



1. Decide whether you truly want to study, most westerners and non-Arabic Speakers will have to dedicate 6 or more years of their youth in order to graduate (2 years Arabic & 4 years university degree).


2. Pray Salatul-Istikharah about making the decision to apply to the Islamic University of Madinah.


3. Get all the documents together that are required (click here to see the list of required paperwork).


4. Get two good references from respected Imam/Shaykh/Da’ee and a testimony of conduct from a principle/teacher/employer (more details here).


5. Scan all your paperwork or take good pictures. They should be clear, in colour and have the full document in the image. If you do not have access to a scanner there are scanner apps that can be downloaded and used on smart phones, they are very effective. It is best to save them as image files such as JPG. On the old application site the PDF format could not be used. However, on the new system PDFs can be used and they are helpful if you have more than one document to put in an upload slot, such as several pages of high school results.  Make sure they are not large files, it is advised to try and keep each file under 2MB each.


6. Get all the document translated into Arabic. The University stated on the previous application form: 'The applicant must attach the Arabic translation of any document written in other than the Arabic language'. On the new application form translation are noted as obligatory. offers a translation service that specifically caters for those applying to the Islamic University of Madinah. To learn more about the service, or to request a free no obligations quote, please visit our site here. If you submit non-Arabic documents without translations it is unlikely that your application will be put forward for consideration for acceptance and it will be rejected, as happened to many applicants last year, and Allah knows best.


7. Once you have all the required paperwork and their translations are in your possession go to the online application webpage, start in the name of Allah and begin your application.


With the new application you will have to create an account, make sure that you make multiple copies of the user name and password, do not rely upon your laptop/phone saving the details. Note them down and take a picture. You will have until the closing date to log in and edit, update and complete your application form. After the closing date at 0:00 Saudi time, the application will close whether you are finished or not.


8. Be aware that the application form is fairly long and detailed, it will probably take an hour to complete. Fill in as much as are able. Do not have the lax attitude of ‘that’s probably not important, I’ll just miss that out’. Taking an extra 20 minutes to fill in all details may be the difference between being accepted and being rejected. Upload all the required documents. The criminal background check (No. 14 on the list) is noted as optional but we strongly advise that you get one and have it translated also. Saudi is quite serious about security, Alhamdulillah.


9.  If you are able, go to the University itself in Madinah for an interview. An interview is not obligatory but it will make your application considerably stronger.


10. And most importantly, remember to continually make dua for your acceptance and your fellow brother.


And Allah knows best has been offering an Application Check & Edit service for those who wish to have their online application evaluated, corrected and improved. In the many years of offering the service, we have never seen an application that did not have mistakes. If you would like to inquire about using the service please click here.


If you have any questions and queries please contact us.

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How To Apply To The Islamic University of Madinah

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