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Notice Board For Applicants

Warning For Those When Applying

You Can Only Submit One Application

So Make It Count!



The Islamic University of Madinah no longer accepts 'paper applications', all applications have to be submitted electronically via the University’s ‘Minhatee’ internet based portal.


Before you start an application make sure you have ALL the required documents in your possession along with their Arabic translations.  Once you start an online application you will have 10 days to amend it.  If you try to submit additional applications every single one of your applications will be cancelled, and no application will be accepted from you that year.


The University has a guide of how to fill out their online application, it is in Arabic however you should look at it first so you know what to expect.


So be prepared before you start an application.

I Can't Access My Application!



Many brothers who applyed via the internet before Feb 2011 have been asking why they can not access there application on the Mihatee web portal.


The reason for this is that their applications are now in the selection process for choosing the students for 2011/12.

Incomplete Applications Will Not Be Considered



If an individual put an application into the University on the Minhatee web page (the Islamic University’s internet based application portal) it will not be sent to the Acceptance Board for considered until the required documents are attached.


Some applicants started their applications before the 2012/13 application cut off date but were still able to amend their applications after that date (Jan 2012).  A reason for that was because their applications were incomplete, and due to this their application will not have been sent to the Acceptance Board for consideration for the 2012/13 Application.  Once they complete their applications they will be put under consideration for the next year.

Application for 2013/14 Has Not Yet Closed




Alhamdulillah, the University is still accepting applications for the academic year 2013/14. The final cut off date of application is unknown however it is likely to be very soon.  

'I Applied Last Year But The Interview Form Says 2015/2016!'


Once you complete a full application online and you plan come to the University for an interview you have to print off the Application Interview Form.


If you completed your application for the accademic year 2014/15 and you recently accessed the interview form it will say Application For 2015/16.  This is normal and it will not affect your 2014/15 application at all it is only related to the period you came for the interview, and the interview results should be attached to your application (make sure the admin do it for you).

My application is still open after 10 days!!!

01 March 2013


When an individual applies to the Islamic University online they receive a message stating that they have 10 days to amend their applications, however huge amounts of westerners have found that their application remain open and are still able to edit their applications. spoke with the head of European acceptance department in the University to discuss this issue.  We were told that the application of Westerners are generally left open and are not sealed after ten days to allow them the opportunity to improve their applications, such as adding new educational documents.  An application remaining open does not mean that it has not be received by the University, however if an application is missing required documents it will be considered incomplete and will most likely not be considered until it has been completed.

And Allah knows best.

Interview For University Applicants 


When applying to study at the Islamic University going to the University itself for an interview will increase your chances of being accepted.


In order to get entre into Saudi Arabia you will require a visa (Hajj or Umrah visa).  


You do not require to book an interview, you just need to go to the admissions office and go to the ‘Freshman’s Registration’ office and submit your application number and request an interview.


The work days are Sunday to Thursday (Friday and Saturday are the weekend) it is best to go for an interview between 8:30 am and 11:00am.


Make sure you have completed your online application fully before you go for an interview and ave your application reference number in hand or you will be turned away. spoke with one of the heads of acceptance department and was told that video calls via the internet may soon be used to carry out interviews for applicant.  However he did emphasise that people who are less likely to be able to afford to come for interviews will be prioritised, such as applicants from South America.

When Do I know If I am Accepted or Not?


The list of accepted students for the academic year 2016/17 will come out in late summer 2016 Insha’Allah. An exact date of the new list can not be given because the University has to wait for a final agreement from the Foreign Ministry.


If your name appears on the list you have been accepted and will receive a full scholarship (free flights, visa, accommodation, monthly bursary and education).  You will be expected to process your paper and arrive in Madinah to start studies in September/October time.


If your name does not appear on the list or you do not receive a notification of acceptance from the University, then you have not been successful.  There is no way you can get into the University if your name is not on the list, there are no late entries or applications like in western Colleges and Universities. It is best to reapply straight away.

What are My Chances of Being Accepted?



The Islamic University of Madinah will only be able to accept a certain amount of students from each country for example 13 from UK, 17 from USA, 5 from Denmark.  The larger amount of applicants from your country the more competition you will have.


The University receives hundreds of applications from UK and USA so if you are from there the likelihood of being accepted are not strong.  However if you are from some where like Ireland, Luxemburg or Norway (where few applications are sent from) you will have a very good chance of being accepted, if you put in a full and complete application.

Can I Submit My Predicted High School Grades?


Many young brothers have been asking if they can submit their predicted examination results with their application then submit the final results when they come out in the late summer.


If for example you are applying for the September 2016 start and you want to apply in February 2015 with your predicted grades, don’t. Wait until you have your grades in August 2015 then apply.


If you want to Apply for September 2016  in November  2015 with your predicted grades for 2016 and want to send your final grades in the month before the term is due to start, you can try applying with the predicted grades but you can’t add on your final grades, your application will be weak with only predicted grades. You really need to apply with final grades.

Can Sister Apply?!

Not yet, but soon Inshaallah. has been asked this a lot so we specifically asked one of the heads of the Acceptance Department about the matter and we were informed that the Islamic University has finalised everything regarding opening a Sisters college and all that is left is to find a suitable building to rent or place to build one.  The Campus of the Islamic University of Madinah is a male only so the Womens’ section has to be off campus.

13-01-2016: still no new news

‘’I applied online, when will the University contact me?’’ 13/01/2016

The application process of The Islamic University of Madinah is not the same as other universities around the world. When applying to most universities they will often acknowledge your application by sending an email and sometimes they will contact you if there are issues with your application. The Islamic University of Madinah will not send you a confirmation email after you fill in your application or contact you if there are any issues with it.

If you get accepted to the Islamic University your name will appear on their website and will be expected to download your acceptance letter from their website (Madinah collects and posts up the names of the British students). The University will not send you an acceptance letter or contact you. If you do not get accepted you will never hear from the University.

There is no such thing as a conditional offer or late entry. They only offer full scholarships which you are expected to take since you applied for it.

You apply to the University online directly, there is no mediating agency and you cannot post your application. If you show up to the University with your paperwork to apply they will turn you away and tell you to apply online and return with your application number.

What is The Age Limit for Applying?

Any Exceptions?!


The Islamic University states on its application website that ‘’The age of the applicant must not exceed twenty five years, upon beginning study’’, so for example if you apply in June 2016 you will be applying for the academic year 2017/18 which starts in September 2017 and you should not have became 26, or older, by that time (i.e. September 2017).



*  If you are applying from a country few people apply from such as Luxemburg, Ireland or Poland the University may waver the age limit.

*  If someone is applying from a non-Muslim country and he is a revert originally from there, such as a  white English revert from UK  they may waver the age limit.

*  If you come to Madinah and seek an exception from the age limit from the University’s Principle, and he agrees and signs off on it.


Sadly if you are a Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Indian/ Somalia from the UK (UK Passport) it is extremely unlikely that you will be accepted if you will be 26 years old on the start date of the year you are applying for.


The minium age for applying is 17 years old.


وفقكم الله

untitled-2_146 1

Application for 2016/17 will close soon



Application for 2016/17 will probably close in January 2016. It is advise to apply as soon. Before you start your application make sure you have all the required paperwork and their translations in your possession. If you have completed your application consider get it checck using our Check & Edit Service.

وفقكم الله

All Applicants' Documents Must Be

Translated Into Arabic


From the requirements for submitting an application to the Islamic University of Madinah is that all paperwork must be translated into Arabic.  Most, if not all of the Acceptance Board can not understand any language except Arabic, so not translating your documents will greatly weaken your application and chances of being accepted because the board will not understand them and it will show a lack of seriousness.  This will probably be the case of other Arabic speaking Universities such as Umm Qura and King Saud University. has a document translation service specifically for those applying to The Islamic University of Madinah and other Arabic speaking universities, it is called Madinah Translation. Every year since it was established its customers have been getting accepted to the Islamic University.


If you would like documents translated please contact us, or visit our website. Prices are competitive and we translated documents written in English, Dutch, French,  German, Swedish, and other languages.

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