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Retake Arabic Placement Test for IUoMM

Page updated: Sunday 27th of February 2022 (typos fixed)

A retake of the Arabic placement test will take place on Monday 28th of February. The exam of applicants from Asia will take place at 4 p.m. Saudi local time. The exam for Applicants from Africa, the European countries, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will take place at 6 p.m. Saudi local time.


Alhamdulillah, a brother went into the Admissions department's offices this morning and asked regarding this retake test and also enquired about the problems that many people faced on the first test.


Not being able to sign in


Many brothers contact us stating that they were not able to sign in to do the test and that their online status remained at under consideration. The brother asked regarding the issue and he was told that it may be the case that those brothers applications were not fully complete and with that, were not allowed to do the exam. The worker said  that they may not have uploaded all the documents (and their translations) as required for applying, rendering there application incomplete.


Technical issues


Many brothers encounter technical issues when they were doing the test. This was the first time that an online Arabic placement test had been used by the admissions department, so with that they experienced technical problems. The brother was told that those who had problems during the test (such, losing internet connection the test closing before your complete, etc) or were not able to do the test will be allowed to do retake test on Monday Insha'Allah. 


Those who attained a low grade in the test


The brother was told by the admissions department that those who received 20% or less in the exam will be allowed to take test on Monday.


In the actual exam 


We were informed by a brother who successfully completed the test the following:

  • The test is multiple choice 

  • there are 100 questions

  • Some questions have an audio file to listen to, it is a good idea to have earphones during the test.

  • Remember to press the submit button when you complete the exam.

  • Because there have been a lot of technical issues be careful when you do the exam. One brother clicked on a Tab to check the answers and then he lost his application and was not able to complete it, so be careful clicking on different parts of the test because you mean lose your test.


Advised for the test


  • Make dua and place your trust in Allah.

  • Make sure that you know exactly when your exam will take place. It is in Saudi time and not your local time, so if the test is at 18:00 check on the internet what time that is in your country.

  • The exams times are mentioned in the time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GMT +3 hours) Please see this link for the current time in KSA:

  • For British applicants, the exam will start on 15:00 on Monday afternoon 28/02/2022.

  • Sign in early and do not open the page to do the test when it is due to start or you may lose the link to sign in.

  • Use a laptop or computer not a phone or a tablet.

  • Have your earphones so that you can listen to the audio parts of the exam.

  • Make sure that you press the submit button before you finish the test.

Sign in link for the test:

وفقكم الله

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