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Second Retake of

the Arabic Placement Test for IUoMM

Friday 4th of March 2022

A second retake of the Arabic placement test Staturday 5th March 2022 


The admissions department of the Islamic University of Madinah is giving another opportunity for those who missed the first and retake Arabic Placement Test to resit it. The exam will take place tomorrow on Saturday the 5th of March 2022 at 6 p.m. Saudi local time which is the equivalent of 3 p.m. UK local.

They stated that the exam is for applicants for applicants from non Arabic speaking countries.

Many brothers will have missed the exam because of not knowing about it and also due to technical issues. If you took part in the exam previously but experience technical difficulties or you were unable to submitted it or you cannot find the final results it may be a good idea to try and take this retake test. If you cannot sign in to do this test, then inshallah your first exam was registered and Allah knows best.

Many brothers complained that their application status (on did not change and remain at تحت الدراسة  'under consideration', it is advisable for those brothers to check their status again now and if it has changed to try and take the test insha'Allah.

 The exams times are mentioned in the time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GMT +3 hours) Please see this link for the current time in KSA:

For more information and advice regarding these tests please see the following links:

وفقكم الله


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