The purpose of this website is to keep the current British students in The Islamic University of Madinah up-to-date with what is happening in the University and around Madinah. It is also aimed to provide an insight for those who wish to apply.

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* New look mobile website (January 2022)


* If you are having contacted us and not received a reply please email us on al-hajj@hotmail.co.uk. We have been facing technical problems (January 2022)

*MadinahStudent.co.uk and MadinahTranslation.com are being rebuilt. Some aspects of the sites may not be working correctly. (January 2022)


*The Islamic University of Madinah has published its 2021 foreign students acceptance lists. For more information click here. 

(10th of October 2021)


*The online application form for the Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manawarah came back online today. Click here for more info . (12th of September 2021)


* A criminal background check document is now also needed for applying to IUoMM. It should come from an authority in your country. See here . (11 Sep 2021)


* Due to the Pandemic new Students can either start studies online or they can wait, then they can come to attend the university. For more information click here. (10 October 2021)