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October 2022


The 2022 online application for the Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manawarah opened on the  29th of September 2022. the application is open for only 45 days and will close at 23:59 (Saudi Time) on Saturday 12th on November 2022, this mean 20:59 UK time. Appling now will be for the 2023/24 academic year which will start in August 2023.


The application form in on a new website under the Islamic University that was launched in 2021. The site can be seen here:






The new application form is an improvement, with the form being quicker and easier to navigate. The form is very similar to the previous online application form, in that it ask very similar questions.


One of the main differences is that applicants now can submit a criminal background check document from an authority in their country. It is optional however it is strongly advisable to et one if you are able.

The form is detailed and will probably take over an hour to complete if you have all the required paperwork and trasnlations.


Remember to read our 10 Step Help Guide for those applying to the Islamic University.





If you need help or would like to use our translation and application services please contact us Insha'Allah.

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The Online Application of The Islamic University of Madinah is Now Open

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