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Advice for Unsuccessful Applicants

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Many brothers who applied will not have been accepted, only a small percentage of brothers who apply will be accepted each year.

If your name does not appear on the list or you do not receive a notification of acceptance from the University, then you have not been successful.  There is no way you can get into the University if your name is not on the list. There are no late entries or applications like in western colleges and universities.


There is a possibility more names may be added to the lists, so do continue to check the admissions website or


If you have not been successful it was not written for you, you should be patient, make dua and place your trust in Allah.


If you were not accepted, it is advisable to reapply and start a new application. Regardless if you get the message on the admission’s application site ‘your application is under consideration’ you should still start a new application (see here). You should gather together the required paperwork  for applying, see:   . You should get an updated medical letter. If you have new educational certificates and reference letters you should use them.


Any documents that are not in Arabic must be translated into Arabic. Translating your documents is very important as it is mandatory for applying as stated on the University’s website. Furthermore the majority of the administration and acceptance board cannot understand any other language other than Arabic. We offer a translation service . Since it was established in 2010, customers of our have been accepted every year over a quater of the new British students were custoers of ours. Click here for a free no obligations quote.


There are several reasons why applications will not be successful, from these are:

•Not fulfilling the conditions of applying, for example being over the 26 year old age limit.

•Poor high school results

•Having reference letter from people not known to the university

•Only memorising a small amount of Quran

•Mistakes, errors and deficiencies in their online application form. A large number of applicants make lots of mistakes in their applications such as misunderstanding the questions, spelling and grammar errors. Also a notable amount of applicants upload the incorrect paperwork, miss out important documents and do not submit translations of their documents.


For several years now we have been offering an Application Check & Edit Service where we evaluate and correct applicants’ online applications. With our check we will edit and correct the errors in the application and make improvements where we are able. A detailed report is compiled documenting the mistakes and advice is given. In the many years we have been offering the service we have never seen an application that did not have mistakes.  A large number of brothers who used the service in the past have been accepted. If you would like to use the service please see here.

And most importantly make dua that Allah grants you a place in the future if it is good for you.




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