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2019 British Acceptance List of The Islamic University of Madinah



The Islamic University did not publish their acceptance lists this year, instead applicants had to check the status of their applications on website.

MadinahStudent was able to extract these names of British students from visa papers. Six applicants who live in the UK from other countries are mentioned at the end.

Applicants are expected to process their paperwork and visas and fly out to start studies by the 6th of September 2019.


If you see your name please click here and fill in the form to be added to our Whats App group for Newly Accepted Students from the UK. If your name is not on the list please do not fill in the form.

More names may be added




1.Benjamin Luther Kruithof

2.John Olutola Adeniyi Ogundemuren

3.Mohammad Y Al Korj

4.Mohammed Davoud Yasin

5.Mohammed Zoheeb Iqbal

6.Nafi Baram

7.Ricardo Brendan Verschueren

8.Rowan Willion Iva Simpson Matthews

9.Simon Joseph Celaire

10.Abdisalam Ahmed Said

11.Abdullah Munawar

12.Ashraful Amin Syed

13.Huzaifah Badat

14.Ismail Mohammed Osman

15.Mohammed Azhar Ahmed

16.Oishik Syed Shaheen

17.Syed Thanbirul Kobir

18.Tanvir Haider Khan

19.Yaseen Quraishi

20.Abdul Fahim Miah

21.Abdullah Abdulwahid Alam

22.Anas Tayib Ahmed

23.B**** B*******k

24.Hamza Abbas Hussain

25.Humzah Syed Mohammad Hussain

26.Idiris Abdimalik Nur

27.Ikhlas Uddin Qazi

28.Jaffar Abdourahman Alimazighi

29.Milo John Charlesworth

30.M. I. Ahmed

31.Monzurur Rahman

32.Nasridin Diriye Osman

33.Walid Mahmoud

34.Yussuf Bashir Ahmed

35.Zaid Majid

36.Adam Abdullah Chawdhury

37.Ismaeel Ibrahim Loonat

38.Tauheed Shamraiz


39.Raja Tahmoor AhmedItaly

40.Shamim KhaerItaly

41.Ibrahima BahPotugal

42.David Ferreira Santos DiasPortugal

43.Claude Juru BugingoBelgium

44.Sebastian RossaPoland



Names will be listed under their nationality, so a Somali with a Norwegian  passport

living in UK should look under Norway.


If you are a Brit or live in the UK and your have been accepted please click here to get in contact with the site admin and the current British students so we can help and advise you what you need to do next Inshaallah.


If you see you name and want to know what to do next click here. Select your country's name. Once the list shows look for your names and click on the 'Details' tab beside your name, then on the next page enter your application number. If it is not working do not worry it should come online properly soon.  You will find an acceptance letter and information of how to get your Visa and free plane ticket to Madinah. The acceptance letter, ticket and visa numbers may not be available yet, please have patience and check back on your Details link regularly.







Disclaimer: and its admin, have no say as to whom is accepted. is simply displaying copies of official lists from the Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manawarah. does not endorse or support any ill or deviant actions/views that may be held by individuals mentioned on these lists.

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