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Newest British Acceptance List of The Islamic University of Madinah

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December 2017


Alhamdulillah the Islamic University of Madinah has started to publish names of newly accepted students from different countries. Below are the names of 11 Brits who have been accepted. More names are still be added so please keep checking the page, and Allah knows best.


Even though it is 2017 these names are of those brothers who applied for the accademic year 2016/17. The 2017/18 list is still to come out.


New British List (December/2017):


1.Thomas Law Proudfoot                 توماس قانون براودفوت

2.Zohaib Imtiaz Hussain                       صهيب امتياز حسين

3.Basir Ahmad Toukhai                       بصير احمد توخي


New British List (26/Sep/2017):


1.Fahad Ali Ahmed                                         فهد علي أحمد

2.Danial Fajal Munir                                     دانيال فضل منير

3.Ibrahim Kholilhadi Ahmed         إبراهيم خليل هادي أحمد

4.Assadollah Doushouki                            أسد الله دوشوكي

5.Abdul Jabber Mohammed Nahinعبد الجبار محمد ناهين

6.Abul Hasnath                                           أبو الحسنات

7.Asad Said Ahmed                                  أسعد سعيد أحمد

8.Burhaan Bawa                                             برهان باوا





Names will be listed under their nationality, so a Somali with a Norwegian  passport

living in UK should look under Norway.


The names above are of the successful British applicants to the Islamic University of Madinah. If your name is not on the list then do not despair, more names should be added.


If you are a Brit or live in the UK and your have been accepted please click here to get in contact with the site admin and the current British students so we can help and advise you what you need to do next Inshaallah.


If you see you name and want to know what to do next click here. Select your country's name. Once the list shows look for your names and click on the 'Details' tab beside your name, then on the next page enter your application number. If it is not working do not worry it should come online properly soon.  You will find an acceptance letter and information of how to get your Visa and free plane ticket to Madinah. The acceptance letter,ticket and visa numbers may not be available yet, please have patience and check back on your Details link regularly.


Disclaimer: and its admin, have no say as to whom is accepted. is simply displaying copies of official lists from the Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manawarah. does not endorse or support any ill or deviant actions/views that may be held by individuals mentioned on these lists.

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